About Us

LISA Group is a 100% Australian owned company who believe that the population is becoming financially smarter and deserve access to more cost effective loans and insurance and lower fees on investments and superannuation.

More Australians know what insurance and investments they want or want to make sure they are "getting the best deal".

Australians would also like to avoid the high fees they are being charged and low service they are receiving on their loans, insurance, superannuation and investments.

LISA Group can assist you in obtaining these at lower rates and fees. You may also be eligible to obtain wholesale rates.

LISA Group provides you access to premium General financial advice at a fraction of the traditional price. Advice can be scaled to one particular area such as Loans, Insurance, Investments or Superannuation or the lot. The choice is yours.

Why should you Use LISA Group?

  • We will refund 25% of your first year premium to you or we will reduce your premiums up to 10%/yr off the standard rate for the life of your policy on new personal insurance products taken out through LISA Group.
  • We will search the market to ensure you receive the lowest available fees and rates.
  • We will never charge entry fees or contribution fees.
  • We will refund up to 50% of all trailing commissions if you nominate us as your adviser on existing insurances investments and superannuation.
  • We will give you access to Australias leading bank, insurance, investment and superannuation companies and products.
  • We will give you unlimited phone and email based support.
  • We are 100% privately owned with no investment from any bank or insurance company.
  • We can refer you to personal financial advisers if you require.

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