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Will Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Affect My Life Insurance?

Earlier this year, false information began circulating on social media claiming that opting to receive a COVID-19 vaccine would void life insurance policies on the basis that the vaccine is "experimental".

In response, the Financial Services Council (FSC) released a statement confirming that the COVID-19 vaccine was not considered to be experimental:

To be clear ā€“ the COVID-19 vaccine is not experimental treatment. Receiving approved treatment from a qualified medical professional at an approved medical facility is not a self-inflicted injury.

SFSC CEO ā€“ Sally Loane

The FSC has confirmed that life insurance policies will not be affected by the policy holder receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

On the contrary, numerous life insurance providers have gone a step further, in announcing that they are considering or will be implementing premium discounts or other incentives to encourage their customers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Zurich, TAL, AIA are just a few life insurance providers who have announced that they are, or may be offering incentives for being vaccinated.

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