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LISA stands for Loans, Insurance & Superannuation in Australia. Here you can compare hundreds of financial products in Australia and save on your mortgage, personal insurance or super.

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Homepage Life Insurance Offer

Compare life insurance quotes from TOP-10 life insurance companies in Australia and receive:

  • 30% discount off your first year premium, OR
  • 10% discount on your premiums for life!

Just submit your details & choose a discount:

Life Insurance Quotes

Homepage Income Protection Offer

Compare income protection quotes from TOP-10 insurance companies in Australia and receive:

  • 30% discount off your first year premium, OR
  • 10% discount on your premiums for life!

First, let's get you some quotes: 

Your Situation

Home Loans Offer

If you are after comprehensive home loan product comparison from 30+ mortgage lenders in Australia, you don't need to look any further. Our home loans comparison is designed to illustrate the range of options available to you and helps find the best home loan for your personal situation.

Just submit your details and one of our MFAA qualified mortgage brokers will contact you with home loans comparison report. The easiest way to find out how much you can save!

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Lost Super Offer

Australians are missing $17.4 billion in lost superannuation. New figures show the average value of lost or forgotten super accounts has reached $4800 and there are more than 3.6 million lost super accounts in Australia. If you changed your job or moved your house there is a chance you may have unclaimed or lost super...

Here at LISA Group we can find your unclaimed or lost Super! Just fill out the form below:

Find Lost Super

Income Protection Insurance Quote

When you search for income protection insurance quotes you would like to receive quotes from many insurance companies and not just one, right? Get income protection quotes from the TOP-10 Income Protection Insurance companies in Australia here...

Income Protection Insurance Calculator

income protection calculator

There are two types of income protection insurance calculators you might look for - to calculate how much salary you can cover, OR to figure out how much income protection would cost...

Life Insurance - Australia

Why premiums for life insurance in Australia differs depending on the state you live in? Find out how much life insurance cost in your state by comparing TOP-10 Australian insurance companies...

Best Income Protection Insurance in Australia

good better best

When it comes to income protection insurance policies, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re getting the best deal. There are hundreds of income protection policies out there from a wide range of companies, and it might feel like you’ll never find the perfect policy as there are so many to choose from.

Life Insurance Comparison

compare apples with apples

When it comes to Life Insurance Comparison you have to be sure you are getting a real life insurance comparison.

Some insurance companies compare just their own various life insurance products and call it a comparison. So you need to get a life insurance quote from each of these companies to compare them.

TPD Insurance

Within modern day society, the market for life insurance is very popular. As humans, we take a peace of mind knowing that we are prepared in the best way possible for what the future holds. There are numerous life insurance products available across the market, including Total & Permanent Disability insurance or just TPD Insurance. But what is it and why should you consider purchasing your own Total and Permanent Disability insurance policy?

Trauma Insurance

In today’s society, it has become increasingly important to have some form of life insurance. Unfortunately – nobody can predict the future and what life is going to throw at us, so life insurance is one of the best ways to keep yourself prepared for whatever comes your way. There are numerous products in the life insurance market to choose from, and one in particular is Trauma Insurance. But what is it and why should you consider it?

Life Insurance Quotes

Having made the decision take out life insurance it is vitally important that consideration is given to what each insurance company offers and to compare premiums. Individual circumstances vary and insurance companies will consider these and provide what is called a quotation or quote, which is tailor-made for you.

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance pays a replacement income if you can’t work at full capacity or at all, due to sickness or injury. Income protection covers up to 75% of your income and can help you pay your mortgage, your bills and all other day-to-day expenses.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the cheapest and most basic life insurance product in Australia. Term Life Insurance provides a lump sum payment to your spouse/dependants and/or estate to pay out debts and help your loved ones continue with a similar lifestyle if you were to suffer premature death or be diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live.

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